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Shounen-Ai warning in later chapters. Deru is a young, abused cat-boy who just recently transferred from a public school into a boarding school for anima (people with animal features). There he meets several new people such as Seto and Kuro who become his closest friends, even while Deru is trying desperately to hide the goings-on at his home from everyone he meets. But it's only a matter of time until things start getting a little more complicated, not to mention the arrival of Deru's brand-new guardian angel. WARNING! This comic contains all kinds of abuse, vulgar language and boy-love (that means gay, people!), so it's 14+! Not that we can tell how old you are, anyway, but I thought I should tell you. If you think you can handle it, then by all means... P.S. THIS IS NOT LOVELESS. Jesus...


Apologies, apologies...

O_O I know I haven't updated in the longest time...! But it's not like many people are waiting with bated breath for the next page.

You know, end of term, such and such...But I have tomorrow off, so perhaps I'll get a page done then. If I know what I'm doing...I'm basically makig this up as I go along XD

Well, please keep checking in. I appreciate all the support I can get~!

posted by Itaru-sama @ November 7th, 2008, 1:30 am  -  0 comments

Not giving up!

I'm still going to do this comic, even though only one person cares about it! : D Take that!
So I guess I won't give up this comic. Maybe someone will care about it somewhere along the line, but for now I'll just keep going.

posted by Itaru-sama @ August 30th, 2008, 10:28 pm  -  2 comments

And so it begins!

Kita: Oh, this is epic! Ita-sama and I have begun our first big project together! Of course, they are doing all the work. My job is just the color and tones, so my partner deserves all the praise!

Itaru: Oh, yeah right. I just draw. You spend all your time coloring and toning!
Either way... Our team work is amazing! :3 And thus begins our first webcomic! <3

Kita: Enjoy~!

posted by Itaru-sama @ April 24th, 2007, 10:09 am  -  5 comments

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